THE TREASURE--Treasure hunting has inspired hundreds of people through the centuries. Such is the story of Mel Fisher, the modern hero of treasure hunters. Mel, a former dive shop owner and chicken farmer, had a vision. He had researched the fatal disaster of the Spanish ship Atocha which sank with over 40 tons of gold and silver aboard. If only she could be found! Leaving Havana, Cuba, on September 4, 1622, the Atocha, along with her sister ship the Santa Margareta, encountered a hurricane that drove them into the Florida reefs. By dawn the sea had taken them both down with a loss of hundreds of lives and all the precious cargo. Where could you begin to find the wreckage?

Working upon some information received from a researcher and friend, Mel Fisher began the search early in 1970 off the Florida Keys. It was not until May of 1973, after spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, that some of the treasure was located. On May 20 fifteen hundred coins were found that eventually led the entire expedition on a false trail. Financial difficulties arose. The state and federal governments surfaced to begin a series of suits. In July, 1975, Mel's son who worked with the group drowned, along with his wife. How much further could Mel go? Admitting that defeat was before them, Mel kept going on until the spring of 1981, when the Santa Margareta was located. With this find came the finances to continue searching for the Atocha. On and on, week after week, following trail after trail of small fragments they worked. Eventually the day came when the perfect picture of a wreck was outlined on a side-scan sonar. This was July 19, 1985. Further checking proved the Atocha had been located. The breathtaking view was astounding! Laying on the ocean floor were gold and silver bars, chests filled with coins, and all forms of jewelry--the value ranging over four hundred million dollars! This product of one man's vision took over sixteen years of disappointments and false hopes, but he persevered. One man's dream came true!

I, as Mel Fisher, searched for treasure and found it in a very unusual place--in a book--the Bible! You say, "No treasure's in there!" Oh, yes!. Nuggets that can add eternal wealth to you are there. God offers a treasure to you through His son. Knowing Him as personal saviour makes you heir to a priceless inheritance. 1 Peter 1:4 says, "To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you". In heaven gold is so plentiful that streets are paved with it. It's yours for the searching! Jeremiah 29:13, "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Colossians 2:3a, "In whom (Jesus) are hid all the treasures... ". Searching? Why not receive the Lord Jesus into your heart and then write to us?


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